container side lifter photo

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container side lifter photo

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37ton loading capacity container side loader, low price container side loader, good quality sidelifter, self loading container trailer/self loading trailers/container side loader truck/Swing thru/self-loading container trailer
37ton loading capacity Side lifter

Container side loader loads and unloads via a pair of crane (hydraulic arms) mounted at each end of the trailer chassis. There is no need to use other lifting equipments, such as, forklift, crane, etc. The whole operation process from the trailer to the ground is in just minutes, increasing efficiencies and productivity.It not only saves money for the transport operator, but also saves time.Container side loader can independently transport, load and unload 20ft and 40ft container. It is also used to transport, load and unload special fuel tank container, industrial equipment, special vehicles, portable building, etc. Only trailer driver can finish all of loading and unloading action.
Its application is wide, such as, trailer to trailer, trailer to train, port, dock, rail transportation, etc.

1. Power take off (PTO) or diesel APU.
2. Sideloader can slide to fit 20feet to 40feet containers.
3. Wireless remote control/Manual operating.
4. Engine throttle size and engine speed can be control, improving working efficiency.
5. The front and rear crane can work together and separate, adjusting container conveniently.
6. Safety control with stop button.
7. Elegant appearance, reliable performance, convenient operation, facilitate manufacture and maintenance.

Photo of transportation application

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