17-hydroxyprogesterone Service

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17-hydroxyprogesterone Service

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Xi'an Asclechem Biotech Co., LTD is a chemistry technology enterprise. The team have two technical unites and market staff. We have two comprehensive laboratories for synthesis and purification and have been accumulating efficient and effective routes of small molecules (Building block) for 6 years. In order to offer the complete service to the international market, we are also doing supply chain management to provide the APIs and intermediates.

Main products:
Active pharma Ingredients
Agricultural chemicals
Plant Extracts
Flavor fragrance
Building Block
Main business: commitment to the building block and API to international pharmaceutical companies and plant extracts to the dietary supplements companies.
The on-going projects:
Processing of small molecule used for drug lead, plant protection drug;
Trade of active pharmaceutical Ingredients;
The manufacture of functional dietary supplements
Vision: Being the preferred partner for the drug firms and being an efficient commodity trader.
Mission: Improve people live and take care the animals and protect the plant
Value: Customer first, Teamwork, Top Tech and Care each other
E-mail : service@asclechem.com17-hydroxyprogesterone Service

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